Jim Miller asks the obvious:

Did the person who ordered this assassination think that the polonium would not be detected? As anyone can figure out, if it were detected, almost everyone would conclude that the Russians had poisoned Litvinenko. Perhaps the mastermind hoped for a terror effect on other opponents of the Putin regime.

While one may think the Russian tactics heavy-handed, one sometimes wishes our spy agencies could deal with our leakers and traitors as effectively. Unfortunately, it seems they are synonymous.

Let’s get back to whether or not the target deserved his fate. The Strata-Sphere has some real interesting posts on the subject. Chechen and nukes is not a good combination, and it seems the victim was a Muslim convert:

Ekho, a prominent liberal broadcaster funded by state-owned gas monopoly Gazprom, said Litvinenko would be buried in a Muslim cemetery in London. The station cited Chechenpress, the official news agency of the wartorn republic’s insurgency.