Just Opnions writes:

American casualties in Iraq are now 2,863, approximately the death toll resulting from drunk driving in the U.S. in a 20 day period. If the result of the Baker Commission voodoo and the Democratically controlled Congress lead to a “phased redeployment” from Iraq, a very clear message will have been sent to all of our enemies and allies (hard to tell the difference sometimes) around the world. To wit, if you can kill a couple of thousand American soldiers, you can force the retreat of the United States. That is not a high bar. A steady supply of IEDs and a few thousand fanatical cadres can accomplish that anywhere, and, after Iraq, the number of American casualties required will undoubtedly be down-sized. Talk about asymmetrical warfare! The entire U.S. military power can be held hostage with a few million dollars and an ideology, resources that Iran has in quantity. Well, we tried really hard, but It’s been six months since the first democratic election in Iraq’s history, and Iraq still doesn’t look like New Hampshire. Obviously our only option is to figure out how to leave.

The intention of the attack on 9/11 was to take us out of the game. It didn’t work. Killing civilians in Spain can swing an election, but killing American civilians seems to just make them fight back. That’s why there have been no more attacks on American soil since. Our enemies are crazy, but they’re not stupid. Killing American soldiers, however, is a different matter. That seems to work really well. So the focus has shifted from New York to Iraq.

Read the whole piece. However, the solution is not more troops in Iraq; the solution is fighting harder and making Syria and Iran pay a steep price for opposing us in Iraq.