Captain Ed sums up the problems Pelosi has inflicted on the Democrats:

Steny Hoyer and Jane Harman have proven themselves capable party spokespeople, and have a record for independent thinking. Pelosi opposes them both strictly for personal reasons. She doesn’t like Harman, feeling that her fellow Californian hasn’t been partisan enough in her role on the Intel committee, and Hoyer ran against her for Minority Leader in 2001. For those personal reasons, Pelosi wants to turn to a corrupt ex-judge and a bumbling porker for party leadership positions, making a mockery of her promises of reform.

Democrats are in a bad position. They can’t afford to throw Pelosi under the bus after promoting her as the first woman Speaker in American history. They can’t afford to have Hastings and Murtha in leadership positions and then face the voters in 2008 who wanted reform and change. They can’t afford to undermine her authority and openly campaign for the reversal of Hastings’ appointment and the failure of her Murtha endorsement.

Days after their electoral triumph, Pelosi has led the party into a dead end, and they have two more years of her leadership to endure. Democrats will have to do one of the above tasks and resolve their conundrum, but any way they move, they damage their standing. An open revolt might be the best option for them at this point, perhaps led by Hoyer himself.

It’s hard to imagine the public reacting favorably to Murtha and Hastings. The electorate was supposed to have been turned off by the culture of pork and corruption that infected the GOP. They vote in the Democrats and are rewarded with John “Okinawa” Murtha, the baron of pork, and impeached Judge Alcee Hastings in leadership positions. Keep up the good work, Nancy.

Of course, the GOP isn’t doing much better when they resurrect Trent “I love trial lawyers a” Lott.

Update: Murtha & Pelosi lose, Hoyer & sanity win.