I lived in Melbourne, Australia, for 18 years. It doesn’t get cold. It never snows. Just like Melbourne in Florida. If you wanted to see snow you drove a couple of hundred miles to a mountain ski resort. November in the Southern hemisphere is the last month of spring. It’s supposed to be warming up.

Al Gore visits Australia to promote his crusade against global warming and what happens? Australia gets hit by a wintery cold snap that wouldn’t be out of place in the snow belt of the US. Tim Blair is on the case and blames the Gore Effect.

All those scientists claiming the Earth is facing an imminent catastrophe from global warming face a credibility problem when ordinary Australians are freezing their butts off in November.

In an earlier post, Tim Blair notes that:

New Zealand produces only 0.2% of world greenhouse gas emissions; shut that nation down, and you’d witness a reduction in greenhouse emissions of just one-fifth of one percent. Beginning to get an idea now of how impossibly demented is the notion of an individual influencing global warming? (Hypocritical environmental activists are aware of this; that’s why they fly everywhere.) Hilariously, the Kyoto Protocol requires that clean little New Zealand hands over billions to (of all places) Russia for its enviro sins.

We’re living in crazy times. Ponder this the next time an apocalyptic greenoid mentions the “hottest [month, year, whatever] in recorded history”; that “recorded history” (the last 200 years, at best) represents just 0.000004% or so of the planet’s entire 4.6 billion year existence.

Well, they’ve been trying to erase the medieval warming period from the record. God help them when they realize that CO2 concentrations are at the lowest levels ever. Go back to the beginning of the Carboniferous era, when present day coal deposits were starting to be laid down, and CO2 concentrations were an order of magnitude higher than they are today. Always remember that we are living in an inter-glacial era and the biggest climate change danger we face is the next ice age. The real challenge for humanity will be preventing/surviving the next ice age.