David Warren writes:

It didn’t matter who won control of each house — the fix was already in. Look at the composition of the Baker-Hamilton commission, which the outgoing Congress had already appointed to “find a way out of Iraq” — a bipartisan commission, representing the foreign-policy opponents of President Bush in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Soon it will formally report.

James Baker, secretary of state under President Bush’s father, was the man who, in 1989, secured an American exit from Lebanon by effectively surrendering the country to Assad’s Syria. Lee Hamilton, former Democrat chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, joined him in stacking the Commission’s study groups with men and women representing the pre-9/11 foreign policy consensus, which could be summarized in the phrase, “stability through disengagement”. On the Baker-Hamilton plan, Congress will take the war in Iraq out of President Bush’s hands, as Congress took the Vietnam War out of President Nixon’s. Iraq will then be delivered into the hands of Iran’s ayatollahs.

Warren wrote that before the switch at Defense. Gates is of the same ilk as Baker.

The biggest losers will be the Sunnis in Iraq. As the US withdraws, the Mahdi army, with Iranian assistance, will exact bloody vengeance on the Sunnis for the sins of Saddam, including the Iraq-Iran war.

Talk about a self-inflicted wound; had the Sunnis co-operated with the US after the invasion instead of launching an insurgency in co-operation with Al Qaeda they would not now be at the mercy of the Shi’ites.