Arm yourself to the hilt. Uncle Sam is out of the defense business. The people have spoken and the politicians will obey in their usual spineless, unprincipled manner.

Will there be any US troops in Iraq by 2008? Doubtful.
How many more will die in Iraq? More than even the Lancet could estimate.
Will Iran get nuclear weapons? Yes.
Will Iran use them? Yes, launched from the western border of its Iraq provinces.
Will there be more terrorist attacks in Europe and the US? You can bet your life on it.
Will North Korea get nukes? They already have them.
Will the US retreat from Iraq create more terrorists? By the millions.

Even if the Democrats come to their senses, a doubtful proposition at best, the damage has been done. Al Qaeda has proven that a few hundred suicide bombers and IEDs can win a US election for them.

If you were in Osama’s shoes, would you stop your attacks? Will the Mad Mullahs negotiate in good faith on their nukes? Not a chance.