Lance Arrmstrong finished the New York Marathon in 2:59:36. That’s pretty good for a guy who’s never run a marathon. Of course, it pales in comparison with first-time marathoner Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia, who won the 1952 Olympics marathon on his first attempt at the distance. He’d also won the 5000 meters and 10,000 metes earlier in the games. But then, Emil didn’t get very far in the Tour de France!

Dean Karnazes had the goal of running the marathon distance in each of the 50 US states in 50 days. Sometimes he ran actual marathons and other times he ran the course. He ran New York in 3:00:30. Not bad, considering he had run 49 marathons in the previous 49 days. That’s 1283.8 miles.

Nice to see a Brazilian break the Kenyan stranglehold on the top marathons.

The nice thing about marathons is that ordinary people can compete in the same race as the best of the world. On many courses you get to see the leaders coming back as you’re heading out. That’s neat.

This humble marathoner is off to Richnmond next week to run #3 this year.