My wife is a social liberal/fiscal conservative who generally voted the for candidates who most closely tracked her agenda. Sometimes they’d be Democrats and sometimes Republicans. Not any more. She knows where Neo Neocon is coming from. The behavior of the Democrats since 9/11 has convinced her that a Democrat victory in November would be a victory for radical Islam and a disaster for Western civilization. The party that rejected Joe Lieberman and embraced Michael Moore is not a party that can defend the United States. A party that wants to grant terrorists more rights than US citizens would leave us defenceless against their plots. A party that thinks monitoring terrorist communications threatens our constitutional rights is not to be trusted with our lives. A senior Democrat hawk who suggests the US can withdraw its military assets to Okinawa repesents a party without a clue about how to defend the United States and our way of life.

The Republicans have angered the base. The GOP’s wanton spending and expansion of entitlement programs has not gone unnoticed by fiscal conservatives. But we know the Democrats would be worse and that stays our hands from pulling the Donkey lever. The GOP’s reluctance to stem the flood of illegal immigrants has angered those who believe in the rule of law. But the Democrats would be far, far worse. If they had their way, every illegal would be given the right to vote Democrat.

Yes, the base is unhappy with the GOP and the enthusiasm is not there. The polls reflect that. But what they don’t reflect is the base’s fear of what a Democrat victory would mean. That fear will drive the base to the polls on election day. My wife sure hopes I’m right.