Communist nations love the Olympics. It puts them on the world stage and gives them undeserved credibility. Their athlete factories can churn out medal winners and demonstrate that the socialist system works better than the capitalistic system. The Beijing 2008 Olympics are a really big deal for China. That’s one of the reasons why they want to keep North Korea quiet until after the Olympics. Unfortunately, North Korea wouldn’t play along and tested their baby nuke.

This puts tremendous pressure on China’s leaders. They don’t want North Korea to collapse in the lead up to the Olympics. They don’t want war to break out on the Korean peninsula. Most of all, they don’t want Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to go nuclear. If this is a tough problem for the US, it is an even tougher problem for China.

How to buy off North Korea? Give them the 2012 Olympics. Staging the games is so darned expensive they’ll have no money left over to build nukes. To recoup the expense they’ll have to open up the country to hundreds of thousands of tourists. But the prestige of staging the games is so great that Dear Leader just might fall for it.