Lawrence Auster at View from the Right links to an op-ed by Andrew Greeley, a left-liberal Catholic priest, published a few short months after 9/11. Greeley starts:

Instead of dropping bombs and killing innocent people, the cliche insists, the United States should deal with the “underlying causes” of anti-American resentment in the Muslim world. It should ask what are the reasons that so many Muslims all over the world hate and resent us. Americans should ask whether American injustice and oppression have created such emotions. If we back off from these underlying causes, then the hatred will abate.

This is the constant mantra of pseudo liberals, clergy (especially priests in England and Ireland), academics, journalists, European intellectuals, and wise men and women all over the world. Such comments are cheap grace, a strategy for sounding both profound and superior in dinner party chatter, faculty lounge posture, and outraged letters to the editor. It is innocent of thought and meaning. There is but one way that Americans could stop being the target of virulent hatred from Islamic extremists: We would have to stop being infidels and convert to Islam. They want to kill us because the United States is the most powerful nation in the world and is a nation of infidels. The power of America by right belongs to Islam.

Therefore death to the infidels! Death to Americans!

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