While some of those involved in the Bali bombing got death sentences, many got off very lightly. Some have even had their sentences cut. Abu Bakar Bashir, the Osama bin Ladin of the Bali bombers, got an early release from prison.

Meanwhile, a group of young Australians caught trying to smuggle heroin from Indonesia to Australia got death sentences or life imprisonment.

I hold no brief for drug smugglers but giving terrorist masterminds pitiful prison sentences, followed by early release, while executing low-level drug smugglers seems disproportionate.

At least letting Abu Bakar Bashir out gives us a chance to know how the enemy thinks. Jihad Watch has been keeping track and caught an Al Jazeera interview with Bashir. Here’s a sample of his brilliance:

Sadly over the centuries Islam grew weak and we forgot that the Prophet carried a spear when he spoke. The spear was replaced with a staff (tongkat) instead, as if Muslims were weak and needed a walking-stick to stand up! We need to go back to this original, strong, robust Islam. Like the Prophet we need to carry the spear (tombak) again. If the Prophet carried a spear, then for us today we can carry an M-16!

Muslim leaders today have fallen short of the Prophet’s example. They mouth empty pious phrases about how they yearn for an Islamic state, but they dont have the guts or will to do it.

There is not a single Islamic state in the world, not even in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are hypocrites and friends of the United States; their leaders are all corrupt and worldly.

The closest we ever got to an Islamic state was the Taliban government in Afghanistan, but the Americans destroyed that, with their Western allies.

An M-16? Without Infidel technology Allah’s holy warriors would still be running around with spears.