The jihadists aren’t fussy about where they commit mass murder. But one thing really gets their juices flowing: the presence of Infidel forces on Muslim lands. They will go to any lengths to expel the Infidels, including inciting Shiite/Sunni civil war, mass murdering civilians, beheading captured infidels, and destroying any progress towards civilization.

Iraq has sucked them in like blowfies to a dead camel. If the dead camel hadn’t been there, where would those blowflies be? Flitting around the civilized world cooking up more 9/11’s. Israel annoys them big time. Having the Great Satan sitting in Iraq makes them insane. So they will focus all their resources on expelling the Great Satan from the Muslim heartland. Funny thing is, Sunnis and Shiites both want the Great Satan gone. And they are killing each other to make the Great Satan go away. Who said blowflies were smart?