Way back, Harry Reid compared an opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Thomas with one by Justice Scalia. Eugene Volokh has the goods:

Stephanopoulos: Because you did go on and say that, you know, you talked about his opinions and said they were poorly written, and you talked about one case, the Hillside Dairy case, where you said his read like an eighth-grade dissertation compared to Justice Scalia’s dissent, you said, which was like one from a Harvard graduate. We went back and looked at that, and Justice Thomas’s dissent was a simple two sentences, pretty clear to me, and Justice Scalia didn’t even have a dissent.

The reality is that Justice Thomas is a superlative Justice and a credit to the Supreme Court.

But now we have another black judge, Anna Diggs Taylor, ruling against the Bush Administration on the NSA surveillance program. The opinion has been roundly criticized from the left and the right. The NYT, to its credit, published an opinion piece by blogger Ann Althouse that shredded Judge Taylor’s opinion:

If the words of the written opinion reveal that the judge did not follow the discipline of the judicial process, what sense does it make to take the judge’s word about what the law means over the word of the president? If the judge’s own writing does not support a belief that the rule of law has substance and depth, that law is something apart from political will, the significance of saying the president has gone beyond the limits of the law evaporates.

So Harry, you attacked one black judge without any grounds. Now you have a chance to attack a black judge who really did deliver an eighth-grade opinion. Go for it, Harry.