Step 1:

Strip the executive branch of the weapons it needs to detect and prevent terrorist attacks.

Step 2:

Blame Bush for the next terrorist attack on American soil.

The ACLU, the NYT, leakers in the CIA and State Department, activist judges and elected Democrats are doing all they can to neuter the executive branch’s war powers. Abu Ghraib, Guantonomo, terrorist rights, domestic spying, illegal wire-tapping, harsh interrogation techniques, torture, alleged massacres, support for Israel – all these and more are harped upon, carped about and blamed on Bush’s power grab. The latest, foolish attempt to curb NSA surveillance by a Carter appointed judge is covered by Captain Ed.. The judge’s timing is poor. The Brits are still busting up a terror plot that could have destroyed 9 US passenger jets, a plot discovered using many of the methods that the Left is striving to outlaw. Obviously, the threat of another catastrophic terrorist attack weighed not a jot with U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor or her compatriots on the Left.

One can only conclude that all these efforts are designed to make it easier for Terrorists to attack America. Better that than another four years of the Republican boot.