In Iraq, Shiite death squads are killing Sunnis and Sunni death squads are killing Shiites. The battleground is Baghdad and the violence exceeds what you’d find on a bad day in South LA. (If the gangs had access to the weaponry and explosives that are readily available in Iraq, South LA might catch up.)

In Lebanon, the Christians and Druze play the part of the Kurds, except they have no safe zone. The Sunnis are part of the modern society in Lebanon, the side that tourists see. The Shiites are a suppressed majority and Hezbollah is the outlet for their political/religious aspirations.

Lebanon is a worst-case glimpse of what Iraq might become if the US withdrew. The most populous and militant sect will take control by fair means or foul once the occupying force retreats. Al Sadr and Hassan Nasrallah? Dopplegangers.