Blogger La Shawn Barber had her suspicions about Patsy Ramsey:

Six-year-old JonBenet was murdered in 1996. Some people, including me, suspected that her mother, the late Patsy Ramsey, was involved with the killing. I’ll hold off making a statement until I get more info.

Much of that suspicion was the result of Donald Foster injecting himself into the case.

Some time ago I blogged on the career of Donald Foster, Vasser professor, Shakespeare scholar and literary detective. I wrote:

Foster’s worst came out when he involved himself in the JonBenet Ramsey case. He lurked in some of the chatrooms that discussed the case and identified a frequent pseudonymous poster as both JonBenet’s 20-year-old half brother, John Andrew Ramsey, and the murderer. So confident was Foster of his identification that he wrote JonBenet’s mother Patricia Ramsey, proclaiming her innocence. His suspect turned out to be Sue Bennet, a middle-aged North Carolina housewife fascinated by the case. But that false accusation did not deter Foster from further intrusion into the case. A few months later he contacted the Boulder police and gave them a report identifying Patricia Ramsey as the author of the ransom note found at the crime scene. This site provides more information about Foster’s misdeeds and Bennet has her own web page devoted to Foster. Shakespeare studies is one thing; intruding oneself into and screwing up in a murder investigation when lives are at risk is another thing entirely. When challenged, Foster blithely shrugged off his misdeeds as “speculative”.

With the news of the arrest of a suspect, one John Karr, it appears that any remaining doubt about Patsy Ramsey being involved in the murder of her own daughter can be wiped away. Unfortunately, she recently passed away before her good name was fully restored.