OK, who wants to be nice? The US played softball with Moussaoui and 3000 innocent people were slaughtered.

Karol Sheinin blogging at Michelle Malkin notes a Guardian report that:

much of the information to stop the terrorist attacks out of London was obtained via torture.

Pakistan played hardball with Rashid Rauf, one of the ring-leaders, and a plot as deadly as 9/11 was exposed.

Who was right?

Choice (a) Those who respected Moussaoui’s legal, human and civil rights
Choice (b) Those who tortured Rashid Raul

To my mind, (b) is the answer. They enemy respects none of our rights, none of our laws and no international treaties. They don’t deserve (a) until they do respect our rights, our laws and international treaties. Until then, choice (a) is suicidal, a recipe for defeat and dhimmitude.