Israel has massed its forces in southern Lebanon to trap Hezbollah fighter in the region between the Litani river and the border. This NY Times report sets the scene:

Israel poured troops into southern Lebanon on Saturday, making its deepest push yet toward the Litani River and suffering its highest daily losses…

This after the cease-fire was announced? Meanwhile:

Earlier Saturday, the Hezbollah leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, went on television to charge that “nothing had changed” since the resolution, but conditionally pledged to abide by a cease-fire once it came into effect. “The war did not end, because the aggression is still going on,” he said, but added that his forces would stop fighting “when the Israeli aggression stops” and Israel’s troops leave Lebanon.

Israel will clear Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon before the Lebanese army and international peace-keepers arrive. Hezbollah terrorist will continue firing their rockets rather than lose them. In a real war Catch-22 trumps UN Resolutions everytime.