The cease-fire is a going to be a joke.

Why? The Lebanese Government and Army is riddled with Hezbollah operatives who will have even more power and status after brushing off Israel’s feeble response. They will be given control of Southern Lebanon under the watchful eye of UNFIL, the organization that oversaw Hezbollah turning Southern Lebanon into an armed camp. The international force will not stand up to Hezbollah, especially since it is going to be led by France, Europe’s most anti-semitic nation. So Hezbollah will once again establish a strong presence on the Israeli border.

So this war will have to be fought again under worse conditions. Hezbollah will have the latest Russian and Chinese anti-tank missiles, the best equipment that Iran and Syria can supply, and a new generation of recruits inflamed by Muslim propaganda that has converted Israel’s withdrawal into a Hezbollah victory.

It looks like Olmert is not going to survive as Prime minister. The Sharon policy of trading land-for-peace has been an utter disaster for Israel. The Bush administration has sunk to the level of the Clinton administration, relying on words and agreements that are worthless in the face of Muslim treachery. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d hear Condoleezza Rice talking like Madeleine Albright, but that’s what it sounded like.

At the NRO Corner Micael Ledeen quotes from and “exceptionally good piece on the inevitability of war” by Robert Tracinski:

Fortunately, George Bush is not Neville Chamberlain. He has already waged two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Imagine if, during the 1930s, the Allied Powers had already joined forces to defeat the fascists in Spain, then invaded Italy and overthrown Mussolini’s regime. It would have made the coming conflict easier—but it would not have defanged our most dangerous enemy.

Unfortunately, George Bush is not Winston Churchill. It is as if, having suppressed fascism in Spain and Italy, we were still appeasing Germany and subordinating our interests to a wobbly consensus at the League of Nations. Just as Germany was the central enemy in the European theater of World War II, so Iran is the central enemy in the Middle East today.

Today the West needs a Churchill more than ever before. Is there any such on the US political horizon? Certainly no Democrat in the mold of FDR or Truman stands ready. Few Republicans look the part either, more’s the pity.