Some of us in the non-reality based community have difficulty understanding the reality-based community. See, we have the terms wrong already. I’m in the anti-Islamo-fascist community and they’re in the pro-Islamo-fascist community. I’m in the pro-West community and they’re in the West-Is-The-Root-Of-All-Evil-Community.

Well, to help us poor suckers in the non-reality based community, I’ve taken a shot at preparing a little dictionary that explains what they mean by some of the words they use. Here’s the first pass:

Nazi – Conservative
Progressive – Communist
Liberal – Socialist
Racist – White
Neo-con – Jew
Diversity – Conformity
Social Justice – More taxes
Compassion – More taxes
Welfare – More taxes
Equality – More Taxes
Justice – no jail time
Freedom fighter – Terrorist
Guerilla – Terrorist
Insurgent – Terrorist
Leader – Dictator
Hero – Any Communist leader
War Hero – Any Communist sympathizer
Humanitarian – Communist
Reformer – Communist dictator
Undocumented worker – illegal alien
Future Democrat – illegal alien
New Democrat – Felon
Philanthropist – Moveon.Org donor
Exploiter – G.O.P. donor
Democracy in action – Venezuela, Cuba, Iran
Failed Democracies – Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, UK, USA
Environmental Catastrophe – Prudhoe Bay
Moron – George Bush
Genius – Karl Rove
Evil Genius – Dick Cheney
Mistake – Confusing Karl and Dick
CIA – Effective intelligence agency
NSA – Spies on Americans
Right to know – classified
Public Servant – leaker
Reporter – leakee
Freedom of Religion – freedom from religion
World Peace – Death to the USA

Additions and corrections will be greatly appreciated.