Apparently, Hezbollah thought that killing a few Israeli soldiers and taking two hostage was business as usual. But Hamas had pulled the same trick in Gaza a few days before, and their controllers, the let’s Nuke-Israel-Crowd in Iran were doing everything they could to distract attention from their nuclear weapons program. What better than a Muslim war on Israel to distract the world? But Iran miscalculated the response. The attacks by Hamas and Hezbolah were so egregious that the civilized world (that excludes most UN member states) were loathe to critize Israel according to the usual leftist script. Haaretz says:

Just as the United States would like Israel to defeat Hezbollah, Iran does not want the organization destroyed and is doing everything in its power to prevent this. This shows that the military struggle has still not reached its peak, nor have the diplomatic efforts.

This war will go to the end. I am impressed that a centrist Israeli leader with a weak political position could act so strongly.

Israel cannot accept a ceasefire until Hezbollah is destroyed. It’s that simple. Nor can the US. That’s even simpler.

Killing Hezbollah and Hamas are critical step towards destroying Iran’s Mullocracy.