Strategy Page provides a concise summary of the modern history of Lebanon. It misses a few key points, such as the failed peace-keeping missions and the terrorist attack on a Marines barracks that killed 220 Marines.

One point struck me:

Demographic shifts spurred on by Christian emigration to France and the United States, combined with Shia birth-rate growth, led to political debate on what the proportional system should be changed.

The major weapon that Islam is using against Europe is demography. Insular Muslim enclaves in Europe are largely free of the societal and cultural pressures that have depressed European birth rates to suicidally low-levels. European style cradle-to-grave social welfare policies have had the perverse effect of reducing the incentive for middle-class Europeans to have children while increasing the incentives for Muslim immigrants. Their women don’t have careers outside of the home and the state pays them to breed. Islam encourages that and breed they do. And their progeny will vote and Democracy will be destroyed once Muslims reach critical mass.

What has happened to Lebanon is an object lesson for Europe. Demography has given Shiite’s control of Lebanon, and Hezbollah has taken full advantage.

In a generation, Muslims will be able to sway elections in France. The split between Left and Right will make it easier because the Left will sell-out to the Muslims for short–term political gain. And short-term it will be if the European equivalent of Hezbollah (or Hamas, or al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood) become the political representatives of French Muslims.

Can anything be done to save Europe? Probably not. Political Correctness ensures that Europeans will always be ceding ground to Muslim demands. In another perverse twist, possibly the only thing that will wake Europeans up to the threat of Muslim conquest from within would be large scale terrorist attacks.