Ever since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon, Hezbollah has been arming rather than disarming as it was supposed to do. By some accounts, Iran has helped Hezbollah build an arsenal of 10,000 rockets capable of striking Israel. These rockets are Katyushas and Iranian-made rockets with ranges up to 45 miles; that threatens Israel as far south as Hadera (between Haifa and Tel Aviv). They are not precision weapons so their primary function is to terrorize civilians.

Hezbollah started this current conflict by entering Israel, kidnapping two Israeli soldiers and killing eight of their comrades. When Israel responded, Hezbollah started its rocket barrage. But Israel surprised Hezbollah by its vigorous response. Israel seems determined to eliminate the threat posed by Hezbollah on its northern border. So, Hezbollah now faces a grim choice: it can either expend its stockpile of rockets or lose them.

It doesn’t really matter much; the rockets are not strategically significant and their impact to date has been piffling. They gave Hezbollah an unwarranted confidence in its military strength and led it to make a grave mistake.

Let us pray that Israel does what needs to be done: wipe out Hezbollah and Hamas.