Neo-Neocon explains the incredible short-sightedness of the MSM:

But when I read the linked Reuters article that began this post, I wondered about what the journalists at Reuters are keeping in mind when I saw the following sentence [my emphasis], “No one claimed responsibility for the attack but it had the stamp of al Qaeda and made a mockery of a three week-old security clampdown in Baghdad.”

The increase in the sort of editorializing represented by the phrase “made a mockery,” occurring in a straight news article, is one of the reasons many of us criticize the MSM, including Reuters. And it’s not just that the statement seems out of place; it seems unintelligent and simplistic, at best. A security clampdown in the sort of atmosphere that is present-day Baghdad is, by definition, not going to be perfect, and anyone who expects it to be is naive and unrealistic.

It would have been too much to expect the media to put a terrorist attack into a statistical perspective. The media fails to understand perspective or statistics. Their motto: “If it bleeds it leads”, especially if it undermines Bush’s war on Jihadism.