Captain’s Quarters writes:

While Keller described efforts by the government to hold back publication of the story as “half-hearted”, Snow reveals that Keller’s association with the truth is half-assed

Go read what Snow said. The Captain nails Keller’s lame excuse to the wall:

The inclusion of the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission is particularly telling. The Times urged the Bush administration to adopt the Commision recommendations in toto, parroting the Kerry campaign’s demands after the publication of the Commission’s final report. They considered the Commission’s findings determinative, and brooked little dissent from the Bush administration when it hesitated to implement the entire set of recommendations. Now, however, Keller and Pinch Sulzberger finds them less than expert on matters of national security, and their efforts “half-hearted”.

I doubt we’ll see this analysis in the MSM. Heck, did they even report what Snow said? Googling “Snow Kean Hamilton Keller” in the News feed got two minor hits as of 10:00 pm on June 26th.