That means that Muslims are under no obligation to tell you the truth. In fact, they are under a religious obligation to lie to you, to deceive you, to mislead you, to kidnap you, or behead you if that will advance Islam.

Bearing that in mind, you should treat anything a Muslim tells you as balderdash until it has been independently verified by a pro-Western source. That excludes Reuters, AP, NYT, CBS, MSNBC, BBC, ANC, NBC, MSNBC and any other media outlet that uses any of the aforementioned outlets as a source.

Solomonia links to a column in the Jerusalem Post by Herb Keinon that lists some of the deceptions that Muslims have perpetrated on gullible Western reporters:

Israelis are doing themselves a gross disservice, and playing into the hands of the Palestinians, by presuming that an Israeli shell caused the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians Friday in Gaza, Prime Minster Ehud Olmert’s Foreign media advisor Ra’anan Gissin said Sunday.

“We are repeating the same mistakes of the past in taking responsibility when there are other possibilities about who is responsible,” Gissin said.

He said that Friday’s tragedy on the Gaza beach may indeed be similar to the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura in 2000, the “Jenin Massacre” in 2002, and the killing of 21 people at the Jabaliya refugee camp last September. While the Palestinians originally pinned the blame for all these incidents on Israel, it has since turned out that al-Dura may have been killed by Palestinians, that there was no “Jenin massacre,” and that the deaths in Jabaliya were caused when Hamas activists “mishandled” explosives at a mass rally.

The slime we are fighting will happily kill their own to score a propaganda victory over the Infidels.

I temporarily excluded the WPO from the list above because they actually presented a contrary view on Haditha, provided by people sworn to defend the United States of America, i.e. Marines who were there. You can read about it at Sweetness and Light.

Oh, I hereby apologize to slime. It is harmless and an inappropriate comparative for the enemy we face. Nazi is likely more appropriate because every stinking one of our enemies publicly and shamelessly proclaims their intention to finish off what Hitler started.

Don’t believe me, oh Western reporter? Just ask your fellow reporter, the late Daniel Pearl. He had the courage to go out and do original reporting. But he was a Jew so he had to die.

Is that why the MSM is supporting the enemy with every word they write, every lie they tell? Because they are afraid to follow Daniel Pearl? Better to slander a Marine than report the truth. That way, you keep your head. That explains a lot.