My Father-in-law skippered an LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) into Utah beach on D-Day. He had a lot of stories about that day. As they were standing off-shore they watched German 88mm guns in hidden pillboxes create havoc on the landing beach. An allied anti-aircraft battery opened fire on the pilboxes. Although they weren’t supposed to, they used tracer bullets. It was a futile response but the tracer bullets caught the attention of allied battleships off shore. They dumped a few shells where the tracers were landing and silenced the dreaded 88’s.

Against regulations, Father-in-law kept his D-Day landing map. He figured that after D-Day the Germans would know where the invasion would take place. He was able to donate it, along with other memoribilia, to the D-Day museum in New Orleans.

Thanks to all those brave men that fought for our freedom in WW2 and on D-Day.