If you’d been reading the blogs and their resources, you’d read this secret Canadian report linked by LGF and say, so what else is new?

Jeez, we know they’ve been recruiting in the West. Al Qaeda probably has more active sympathizers/recruits living outside of the Middle East than in it. The Muslims living in the West have a problem. On the one hand, they see that the West is far more advanced than the Islamic world, yet their holy text tells them they have the most advanced religion and the Westerners are infidels who should be inferior to any Muslim.

Many Muslims, like any rational person, adapt to reality, put their religion into a spiritual plane that does not impact their normal lives, and adapt to the West. Too many don’t. They live lives of seething resentment and become ready recruits for the radicals.

The West is tolerant of a multitude of cultures and religious beliefs. We can even tolerate jihad-free Islam, but there is a limit. That is Jihadist Islam plotting to kill and destroy us.