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Michael Yon provides much needed perspective and finishes with the warning:

Until the facts are released by the investigating authorities, we might benefit from a new sign:
Speculating is Strictly Forbidden —
Violators Will be Fined

I won’t ignore the warning but I will link to posts that provide context and further background that is missing from MSM reports.

Sweetness and Light owns this story. Remember the story about the Marine forced to photograph the victims of the alleged massacre at Haditha? Could be pure B.S. according to Sweetness and Light:

Others have noted many weird aspects to Corporal Briones’ previous statements about being ordered to photograph the Haditha victims, and his further claims about his camera being stolen.

It is highly questionable that the Marines would order a rank and file soldier to do such a thing. And to use his own (non-official) camera to document such an important, possibly criminal event.

It is also highly improbably that they would enlist someone who could himself face future charges in such an effort.

And, lastly, it is very unlikely that they would allow such valuable evidence as these photos to disappear.

This latest news, however, may very well shed light on Briones’ motives.

Apparently all of Briones’ statements to the media about being ordered to photograph the Haditha corpses were made after his drunken hit and run felony on April 3, 2006. (His first appearance in the press seems to be an interview with the Los Angeles Times on May 29, 2006.)

If Briones was so traumatized by what he saw in Haditha, why did he wait six months to tell anyone about it?

Isn’t it possible that once the Haditha story came out, Briones latched onto it as a way to beat these very serious charges? They include auto theft, drunk-driving, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of an accident.

What better alibi than to claim post-traumatic stress disorder caused by what he had been forced to witness and photograph in Haditha?

With the media behind him, it is surely a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

In any case, isn’t it typical that the media either did not know or did not deem it newsworthy that Briones might have some other agenda is telling his tale?

Check out Sweetness and Light’s other posts on Haditha. They should be compulsory reading for anyone mouthing off about the “massacre” at Haditha.

Now, check out Flopping Aces on the role of Blood Money in Iraq and the nature of the “witnesses” to the “massacre”:

Most noticeably the fact that all the eyewitnesses are kids and the effect that “blood money” may have more to do with this thing than first meets the eye.

So far we have a Marine officer telling us that during the weeks after the supposed “massacre” NONE of the town’s people brought up this event. Then we have the three children eyewitnesses who have made contradictory statements, and appear to have statements rehearsed. Finally we have a journalist who was jailed by the coalition for seven months due to his connection with terrorists filming a video for a far left wing group. Any of this add up?

The final nail in the coffin of the Haditha story is the refusal of the families to allow the bodies of the alleged victims to be exhumed. Flopping Aces again:

So on top of everything I described NOW we have the families refusing to exhume the bodies for forensic evidence. The only way to find out if these people were indeed shot and executed is to exhume these bodies. A doctor from the local clinic is not going to cut it, no way no how. This whole area is full of terrorist sympathizers and to trust this doctor will not work. They HAVE to be exhumed.

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