Noel Sheppard, writing at The American Thinker analyses the Democratic/MSM push to switch from HillaryClinton to Al Gore for 2008. Here’s a sample of the media push that Sheppard cites:

Yet, Hillary’s worst day of the week, and not so coincidentally Gore’s best, might have been Sunday, May 28. The bizarre cocktail of two parts assassination with one part coronation began early in the morning in Frank Rich’s New York Times op-ed:

“It was just after Mr. Gore appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to kick off his movie’s publicity campaign that long-rumbling discontent with the party’s presumptive (if unannounced) presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, boiled over. Last week both New York magazine and The New Yorker ran lead articles quoting party insiders who described a Clinton candidacy in 2008 as a pox tantamount to avian flu. The Times jumped in with a front-page remembrance of headlines past: a dissection of the Clinton marriage.

“If Senator Clinton is the Antichrist, might not it be time for a resurrected messiah to inherit (and save) the earth? Enter Mr. Gore, celebrated by New York on its cover as ‘The Un-Hillary.’’‘

Powerful stuff from The Times to be sure. But, the best was yet to come as Chris Matthews and his friends mysteriously excoriated Hillary for the second Sunday in a row.

Gore has certainly got a lot of air-time lately. Sheppard doesn’t explicity mention it but Time and US News and World Report have recently made global warming their cover stories just as Gore’s global warming disaster movie hits the theaters.

Al better pray for for a hot couple of summers and snowless winters. He wouldn’t to be campaigning when record lows are being set. He did that already but seemed oblivious to the import.

Our local radio tells us record highs and record lows for each day. The years seem pretty random to me. Oddly enough, the records have all been set in the last hundred years. I would have thought it was a lot colder back in the last ice age, but apparently not. I also would have thought it was much warmer when Greenland was being settled by Viking sheep farmers, but apparently not.

I don’t think the folks are buying the global warming catastrophe scenario, and, if they don’t, Al Gore’s goose is cooked.