I caught BBC World News as I headed out for my Tuesday night run. Item one was a report on the Haditha incident. The BBC website says:

The Haditha incident – where US marines are alleged to have killed Iraqi civilians last year – is the subject of growing concern in the United States.
Enough material has now been leaked to the media here to suggest to many Americans that the allegations are very serious and may well be true.

John Murtha, a former marine and Vietnam veteran who is now an anti-war Democratic congressman, said he believed civilians had been murdered in Haditha and senior officers had made an attempt to hide it.

If US forces kill civilians it is a serious matter. If it happened, and that is still an “if” until the investigations are complete, then heads should roll. But it will still be an isolated incident. US forces do not routinely kill innocent civilians.

Item two covered the Memorial Day violence in Iraq. Back to the BBC website again:

At least 46 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in three separate bomb attacks in Iraq.

In the deadliest blast, 25 people were killed and 65 wounded when a car bomb ripped through a busy marketplace north-east of the capital Baghdad.

The enemy in Iraq routinely slaughters innocent civilians. Yet, the BBC doesn’t bother to editorialize on that. The BBC doesn’t mention that the Al Qaeda high command has failed to launch an investigation into the massacre of innocents. The BBC ignores the lack of protests in the Muslim world at the wanton slaughter of Muslim civilians by Muslim terrorists.

The BBC holds the US to a different standard than the Islamic terrorists who declared war on us, just as it holds Israel to a different standard than it does the terrorist organizations trying to complete Hitler’s work.

Of course, the BBC is not alone in its double standard. The NYT must be salivating at the chance to put the the Haditha incident on its front page from now through the 2008 election.