There is a good post at The Skeptical Optimist that addresses a major problem with immigration policy; not enough quality immigrants:

Today, too many would-be immigrants are kept out by an inept, incompetent process for “legal” immigration. Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, inventors, artists, and productive would-be contributors to our economy and society are loath to break our laws, and loath to put up with our incompetent immigration process. So they stay away voluntarily. If we’d fix the ineptness of the current “legal” immigration process, we’d unbottleneck the system. Added bonus: we’d know who they all are, because they’d all have come through legally.

The poor Mexicans who flock here are not equipped to develop new businesses, create software products, cure cancer, design fighter jets or whatever. They can do little more than what they did in Mexico; that is, manual labor. If legalized, they would draw upon government services more than the average tax-payer yet contribute far less in taxes. Worse, they’d still be eligible for social security. That is of no use to America.

Better to plug the gap on the Southern border, encourage the illegals to go home and demand social justice, and start encouraging qualified immigrants from around the world. America should once again position itself as the refuge for Europeans driven out by tyranny and genocide. Now that Islam has planted its demographic timebombs across Europe, that is the fate that awaits Europe.