In effect, Mexico is exporting its poverty to the United States. It gets lower unemployment, reduced welfare costs and a huge cash-flow benefit from exporting its poor people to America. The exports get much more dough than they’d get in Mexico, so their incentive is obvious. Rewarding them with citizenship, whatever the route, is a very bad idea.

The solution is to make Mexico more prosperous. The US has already out-sourced tens of thousands of jobs to Mexico under NAFTA. Mexico has huge oil and natural gas reserves. It is a tourist mecca (oops, that’ll annoy the muslim hordes). So, what keeps Mexico from prosperity?

I’d say corruption, socialism, and elitism. The US is a classless society. You can move from the bottom to the top and vice versa. Mexico is medieval by comparison. The Mexican elite wants to stay elite no matter what the cost.

It’s time to put some pressure on Mexico to reform itself. It should be an easier nut to crack than Iraq, but not by much. Hint to Mexico – look at Chile.