I’ve never been a basketball fall. Then the home town team drafted a local high school kid who skipped college and went straight to the NBA. He has exceeded the sport’s expectations. He’s done it while displaying a maturity far beyond his years. When the Cavs made the play-offs I started watching basketball. It’s suddenly become a much more interesting game. And our local hero truly looks like the next Michael Jordan. So, I’ll be paying more attention to the Cavs and less to the Browns and Indians.

Le Bron James gets in front of a TV camera after dominating a game and praises his team mates. That’s refreshing.

Maybe it won’t last. Maybe he’ll leave to a bigger money market. Maybe he’ll get caught like Kobe Bryant. Somehow, I doubt that. James seems to have character. His dedication to the game, his brilliance, his modesty, and his sportsmanship creates fans.