And where might that be? The good old US of A. Once the 9/11 hijackers got inside the US it is as if they had entered a cone of silence. If they called their contacts in the Muslim world or vice versa, the NSA could monitor it but couldn’t do anything with the information they gained, as AJ Strata notes. This blindness came about from the layers of checks and balances added since the Vietnam era. It was the Carter administration that created FISA, the Reagan administration that left it in place, and the Clinton administration that strengthened the wall between intelligence and criminal investigations. They created the conditions that cloaked Al Qaeda’s plotting in the US.

As is now becoming apparent, the Bush Administration moved quickly to remove the blinkers. But the traitors in the CIA and other branches of government are doing all they can to convince Americans that the Bush administration is invading their privacy. If they succeed in their campaign, the blinkers will go back on, and Al Qaeda operatives and Iranian agents and Latin American Marxists and all the scum that hate America will be free to do what Bush has been trying desperately to stop: launch another devastating attack on America.