I hope so. A bit of googling turned up some straws in the wind. George Conger, writing in the Jerusalem Post:

The demotion of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and appointment of Blair loyalist Margaret Beckett to his post are likely to result in a more unified Anglo-American approach to Iran, Hamas and the Middle East.

With no experience in Middle East affairs and a reputation as a capable manager and Blair loyalist, Beckett is expected to back her political master and to favor the American approach to conflict resolution in the Middle East over the initiatives favored by the EU, with a tougher stance towards Hamas and terrorism.

On April 24, Blair responded to a question about the apparent divide in British policy, stating that while “nobody is talking about military invasion, people do, however, want to send a very strong signal to Iran. It is not very sensible at this moment in time to send a signal of weakness,” refusing to rule out the military option, saying Britain should instead “send a signal of strength.”

On April 20, during a visit to Saudi Arabia, Straw called for normalization of relations with Hamas, saying recognition of Israel by Hamas would not necessarily require a formal declaration by the new Palestinian government. Straw’s remarks were quickly downplayed by the British government stating that there had been no change in policy implied by his statements.

That’s good. Straw was sounding very squishy in dealing with the Mad Mullahs. As I write this, I have C-SPAN on in the background, and it’s question time in the British House of Commons. Sitting beside Blair on the Front Bench is Straw. Huh? But, it’s a rather delayed telecast, and Jack Straw still has his position.

What is rather strange is to see the right-wing Conservatives using the rhetoric and methods of the US Democratic party to undermine a war-time Prime Minister.