James Hudnall has a great piece analysing the Global Warming hype.

In 2002 the National Academy of Sciences USA 99: 4167-4171 report by Dan H. Rothman, Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT did a study of 500 million years of the Earth’s atmospheric CO2 concentration. This was done by examining the “chemical weathering of rocks, volcanic and metamorphic degassing, and the burial of organic carbon, along with considerations related to the isotopic content of organic carbon and strontium in marine sedimentary rocks”. What they found was: “Over the bulk of the record, earth’s atmospheric CO2 concentration fluctuates between values that are two to four times greater than that of today at a dominant period on the order of 100 million years. For the last 175 million years, however, there has been a rather steady long-term decline in the air’s CO2 content.”

A large part of the IPCC TAR report are based on computer models that have been peer-reviewed by many scientists, as above, who have pointed out the flawed math and jury-rigged computer models to support a largely absurd premise. e.g. It’s man’s fault that the climate changes.

In fact, you know the whole thing is a joke when they had to change the name from Global Warming to Climate Change. That way, they could say it’s happening no matter what. They’re using a non-falsifiable hypothesis. Anytime the weather gets weird, as it often does, they can claim it’s proof. But the climate is always changing. It always has.

Read the whole piece. A couple of years ago I did a long post looking at Michael Mann’s bogus hockey-stick. I concluded:

Climate activists claim that human induced greenhouse gas emissions will lead to a catastrophic increase in global temperatures. In their view, recent warming trends over the last century are solely due to human influence and mans’ burning of fossil fuels has disturbed a natural equilibrium that goes back at least a thousand years. Mann’s hockey stick is their proof and they deny that there even was a MWP or LIA. Mann himself denies that there ever was a warmer period than the 1990s over the last 1000 years. But the weight of scientific evidence will eventually break Mann’s hockey stick and the consensus view based on it

If you are worried about CO2 emissions, just think of it as plant-food in the sky. Human CO2 creation is simply returning CO2 back to the atmosphere.