They sure act as if they want us to lose. Miller concludes:

Now back to Barone’s claim. Do I think that “major parts” of the “mainstream” media want us to lose? No, but they are acting as if they did. (For at least a few, seeing President Bush lose overrides any other consideration. They would be supporting the war if Bill Clinton were still in office.)

Actually, I think many on the left, including most of the MSM, do want the US to lose. They see the war against Saddam as Vietnam redux. Thanks to the “heroism” of the Vietnamese people and their allies on the anti-war left, the imperialist forces of the US were defeated and the world entered a long period of peace. The US itself benefited from getting its nose bloodied by heroic peasants fighting for freedom from capitalism. Now, under Bush II, Amerika is once again a war-mongering imperialistic power over-reacting to a fluke attack by a bunch of rag-heads.

In the left’s view, radical Islam poses no real threat. Their religion is just as valid as Bush’s Christianity and anything they do is a reaction to American provocation. If the US packed up and went home we could all go back to the world of Jimmy Carter and live happily ever after.

If the US is forced to retreat from Iraq, nothing bad will happen, just as nothing bad happened after the US withdrew from South-East Asia. They’ll skip over the hundreds of thousands of people driven out of South Vietnam or sent to re-education camps, or the millions slaughtered by Pol Pot because, well, in the final analysis, it was all America’s fault.

And that’s the problem. The left thinks we can simply stop fighting this war and nothing bad will happen to the US. The attacks will stop, the evil oil will still flow and the bad guys will stop dreaming about killing us all. That’s what makes the MSM so dangerous. It doesn’t understand the stakes and shapes all its reporting and opinion making to support its simplistic view.