Strangely, the MSM and the public could care less. The losses in Iraq are tallied in the press until the public is convinced that 2,000 deaths represent a military disaster.

The fact of the matter is that there are a number of killers loose in America that are more deadly than our declared enemies. One of the secret killers stalking our streets is the drunk driver. He’s been killing around 20,000 American every year for generations. Add in his ally, the sober driver, and you’ve got another 25,000 needless deaths every year. The common murderer knocks off another 15,000 American every year. The flu is slightly more effective with its 20,000 victims per year. So many needless deaths; so little public outcry.

Some have argued that the death toll from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are insignificant compared to the random deaths that strike far more people month in and month out. They ignore a crucial distinction. The random deaths are to the body politic as the wear and tear of daily life are to our bodies. While individuals bear the burden of such deaths, society as a whole can shrug them off as business-as-usual. The attack of 9/11 was like a bullet directed at a vital organ.