It was on a high-def channel and I just stumbled onto it. My wife heard the opening music and yelled out “old movie” and rushed upstairs. The movie is based on a true WW2 intelligence operation designed to convince the Nazis that the allies were going to by-pass Sicily and invade Greece. It was engrossing and enjoyable and patriotic in that low-keyed British way.

In order to check-out the information that had been passed off to them, the Nazis sent a spy to England to check out the story. The spy was Irish. Why should I be surprised? Ireland stayed neutral in WW2 and some Irish nationalists had more than a passing sympathy for the Nazi cause.

Such movies are beyond Hollywood’s grasp these days. We know who the enemy is but Hollywood is too anti-American or chicken or both to touch the subject. Instead it serves up drek like Syriana.