You can get the inside dope at Iowahawk. Here’s a snippet:

HARRY: You bet we can, Nancy. That’s why we’ve purchase space on America’s abandoned and neglected websites to present the Democratic vision for a smart, yet tough new national security concept that makes a clean break with the discredited and dangerous policies of this administration. As you can see by the American flags behind us, this is a smart and tough new approach, embodied in a comprehensive plan that was developed by some of America’s foremost military minds: Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Markos Zuniga, and former General Wesley Clarke — the celebrated “Falcon of the Balkans.” We call our plan “Operation Steel Gazelle” — strong and tough like steel, but smart and agile like the gazelle, as it nimbly eludes its hungry predators.

NANCY: Tell, us more Harry.

HARRY: Well Nancy, the first phase of our multi-faceted plan focuses on the number one key to restoring national security: getting Osama bin Laden. Even as we speak, this dangerous fugitive is still on the loose. As the leader of a Democratic majority in Congress, I will make sure that the head Army and Navy generals get a clear and unambiguous message: “Get Osama” is “Job One.”

Funny how parody comes so close to reality when you talk about today’s Democrats and National Security.