Common Sense & Wonder links to another sad story from England, land of the National Health Service. If you get MS, don’t expect to get the drugs that will help you in time to help you:

…according to Mike Boggild, consultant neurologist at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. He says that he knows of 50-100 MS patients who have been told they cannot have the drugs, even though under an agreement reached in 2002 ministers promised that they would be provided to all those who qualified.

The MS Society said that some patients had been told they would have to wait a year before being prescribed a drug, while others had had their assessments delayed so they were not on a waiting list.Tom Elkins, of the MS Society, said the problems were greatest in Staffordshire, Sheffield and Wales. He added: “These drugs can prevent disability and there are very clearly defined eligibility criteria. But people are being told they can’t have them because the NHS hasn’t the money to pay for them. We’re back to a postcode lottery. To get the most benefit, patients need these drugs as soon as their illness is diagnosed, not a year later.”

Ain’t socialism wonderful? Actually, Britain still permits private health care so you get a choice if you have the money. Canada has just started moving that direction. Maybe Cleveland will no longer be the hip-replacement capital of Canada some time in the future.