They gave no thanks to their rescuers. Their website says:

Today, we rejoice that our friends Harmeet, Jim and Norman have been freed safely. We continue to pray for a swift and joyful homecoming for the many Iraqis and internationals who long to be reunited with their families. We renew our commitment to work for an end to the war and the occupation of Iraq as a way to continue the witness of Tom Fox. We trust in God’s compassionate love to show us the way.

Living through the many emotions of this day, we remain committed to the words of Jim Loney, who wrote:

“With God’s abiding kindness, we will love even our enemies.
With the love of Christ, we will resist all evil.
With God’s unending faithfulness, we will work to build the beloved community.”

Freed, huh? Not rescued, but freed? By the guys who tortured and killed Tom Fox? You’d think so, the way they put it.

Joey at Cabal of Doom has a good idea on how to make such ungrateful idiots really useful:

Here’s an idea: As long as we have thousands of these useful idiots, whether they be Christian PeaceKeepers, anarchist, International A.N.S.W.E.R, Code Pink, or other peace creeps jockeying for media attention let’s take them all to Baghdad and let them go free range. The terrorist will be abducting them in staggering numbers and unwittingly creating a logistics nightmare for themselves. Terrorist gotta eat, and it takes a lot of terrorist to guard tens of thousands of smelly unshaved chanting peace activist that behave like children unless they get a vegan meal.