LGF and Mediacrity are on the case.

What is appalling is the low standards that the NYT used. Instead of checking with US authorities, the people who, you know, investigated the abuses and prosecuted the perpetrators, the NYT checks with “representatives of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International”. But then, they are, like the Times, Radical Islam’s useful idiots.

But the low standards that the NYT use also applies to most MSM reporting on Iraq, as Ralph Peters reports:

But the foreign media have become a destructive factor, extrapolating daily crises from minor incidents. Part of this is ignorance. Some of it is willful. None of it is helpful.

The dangerous nature of journalism in Iraq has created a new phenomenon, the all-powerful local stringer. Unwilling to stray too far from secure facilities and their bodyguards, reporters rely heavily on Iraqi assistance in gathering news. And Iraqi stringers, some of whom have their own political agendas, long ago figured out that Americans prefer bad news to good news. The Iraqi leg-men earn blood money for unbalanced, often-hysterical claims, while the Journalism 101 rule of seeking confirmation from a second source has been discarded in the pathetic race for headlines.

To enhance their own indispensability, Iraqi stringers exaggerate the danger to Western journalists (which is real enough, but need not paralyze a determined reporter). Dependence on the unverified reports of local hires has become the dirty secret of semi-celebrity journalism in Iraq as Western journalists succumb to a version of Stockholm Syndrome in which they convince themselves that their Iraqi sources and stringers are exceptions to every failing and foible in the Middle East. The mindset resembles the old colonialist conviction that, while other “boys” might lie and steal, our house-boy’s a faithful servant.

The result is that we’re being told what Iraqi stringers know they can sell and what distant editors crave, not what’s actually happening.

Patriotic bloggers distrust the MSM in general and the NYT in particular. One of our jobs is to highlight the MSM’s failures, biases and lies. I’d start taking the NYT more seriously when they start printing their corrections on the same page as their original mistakes.