AJ Strata, a blogger I’ve relied on to keep abreast of the Plame Blame Game is none too happy:

No, in the DPW acquisition of P&O we have seen a strange and bad alliance. A desperate left willing to do and say anything to win votes, and a frightened, skittish right afraid of anything Arab or, now, un-American. The comments by Rep Jerry Lewis yesterday, as the spineless Congress voted to protect the masses from the evil Arab Company, showed many have decided it was best to follow the Lou Dobbs formula: fereignors are bad.

What has me saddened is how this is playing in our military, and which is why the reasoning of the right is probably more damaging to America’s image than that from the left. Many on the right, like me, backed the regime change in Iraq. We backed sending our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters into a basket case region of the world to clean it up and try and set it right. In Afghanistan our troops have had to reach out to the locals, many who tolerated if not supported Al Qaeda and the Taliban, to build a free society. Our military trained these people, armed them, and then went and fought side by side with them. All the time never sure if these people were what they said they were, or an under cover assasin.

In Iraq the support was all from the middle and right side of the political spectrum – the left wanted no part of it. So we are the ones who sent our neighbors and family members to Iraq to sacrifice life and limb (and many did) to repeat the process. They went into the middle of the turmoil that brought us 9-11 and again reached out to the people, and worked side by side with them. Fought side by side with them. Died side by side with them.

The military doesn’t expect us keyboard warriors to do what they do, they simply hope they are respected and honored for their efforts. But what kind of honor are we bestowing to chicken out when it is our turn to do the most modest of acts: reach out and work with Americans who will now get their paychecks from The UAE bank instead of the UK bank?

The military folks, who risked everything to build bridges of respect and community, must be wondering what kind of cowards we are back here in the US? People are pissing their pants because a country and company, both of which have worked for years with us in the torrent that is the Middle East, is buying some stock in London. And we are falling apart in a panic over it.

The opponents to the DPW deal seem to be oblivious to how important UAE is to US interests in the region. We’ve unnecessarily offended an ally for no good reason.