Those who opposed the war on Saddam’s regime cite the failure to find WMD as proof that their position was right. The jury is still out on what happened to Saddam’s WMD. I suspect some was shipped out to Syria, some hidden and some destroyed. Be that as it may, the justification for the war was Saddam’s failure to comply with UN resolution 1441 which also cited grave human rights violations by the Baath regime.

Michael Totten visited the Kurdish holocaust museum in Suleimaniya. His amply illustrated report conveys some of the reality of the genocidal campaign that Saddam conducted against the Kurds. Those who think the US was morally wrong to destroy Saddam’s regime need to understand the evil that was that regime. They could start wth a visit to the Suleimaniya museum. Michael Totten sets the scene:

When you enter the museum you will walk through a long and winding hallway. The walls are covered with mirror shards. Each represents one of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Kurds murdered in the genocidal Anfal campaign. A river of twinkling lights lines the ceiling. Each represents one of the five thousand villages destroyed by Saddam Hussein.

The NYT time used its front page to hammer the United States for abuses at Abu Ghraib. Pity they didn’t tell us what Saddam did at Abu Ghraib. Michael Totten does:

10,725 people were killed in this one building [now the holocaust museum] alone. All died during torture. Formal execution actually took place in Abu Ghraib.

Please hit his tip-jar. This lone blogger, with our support, is doing the work that should be done by our press. Blogger supported reporting will get the truth out.

Memo to the anti-war crowd: by opposing action against Saddam you actively supported the evil remembered at Kurdish holocaust museum in Suleimaniya.