The Frontpage Magazine article about the first national conference of HAW (Historians Against the War) contained this little nugget:

Andrea Smith, a radical feminist and a assistant professor in Women’s Studies and American Culture at the University of Michigan, took aim at those who dared to dissent from academic orthodoxy with respect to the wisdom of military intervention. Smith singled out for opprobrium feminists who supported the U.S.-led overthrow of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime. One report quoted Smith sneering that a bombing campaign could never liberate women. Enlarging on that theme, Smith asserted that the real threat to women came not from the governments like the Taliban but from concepts like the nation state.

I have a simple questions for Ms. Smith. Which of these photographs of Afghani women was taken under Taliban rule? Choose Picture 1 or Picture 2.

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HAW seems a singularly appropriate acronym for this outfit. It must be in remembrance of Lord Haw Haw.

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