I supported this deal from the get-go.

Then I read Michelle Malkin and she links to a Jerusalem Post piece and note that:

The parent company of Dubai Ports World participates in the Arab boycott against Israel

Not good, thinks I. Then I read this at Little Green Footballs:

Dubai Ports World, the combined United Emirates (UAE) port management company for the Gulf, has stepped up its challenge to win the operating rights of six major ports in the US, by claiming it has strong business ties with Israeli shipping company Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. ..

Sounds like business trumps ideology, as it should.

BTW, if there is a need to take out Iran’s nuclear sites, that huge US air base at Al Dhafra, UAE would be very important. It would seem to be rather foolish for the US to torpedo a business deal with the UAE while it needs reliable allies in the region.

Some of the troubles in Iraq are directly related to Turkey’s treacherous refusal to allow the US to invade Iraq from bases in Turkey. With the prospects of conflict with Iran increasing it is essential the US maintain good relations with its allies the region.