You can see the cartoons here. Number 1 is just a drawing of a bearded man leading a donkey. Bit hard to see why anyone could take offense. If you said it was Jesus and it had been drawn by a Muslim, it’s a bit hard to imagine Christian mobs running amok across half the globe, burning mosques and murdering Muslims.

Number 2 shows a bearded figure with a crescent moon behind his head in a position that suggests the horns of Satan. Given the evil inflicted upon the world by Islam (recent history here – warning extremely disturbing images) the ambivalence suggested by the cartoon is appropriate.

Number 3 shows the crescent moon of Islam with a bearded face. It combines the man with the symbol of the religion he founded. It’s not so much a cartoon as a logo.

Number 4 shows Muhammed with two bhurka clad women behind him. Their eyes show through rectangulr slits. A corresponding black rectangle covers Muhammed’s eyes. It is clever way of pointing out the blindness of Islam to the equality of the women.

Number 5 shows Muhammed in Heaven telling a bunch of smoldering suicide bombers that they’ve run out of virgins. Given the way the Islamic world glorifies suicide bombers, the cartoon seems appropriate.

Number 6 is prophetic. The caption reads “Jyllands-Posten’s journlists are a bunch of reactionary provocateurs”.

Number 7 is also prophetic. It shows a cartoonist furtively drawing Muhammed.The Danish cartoonists now live in fear of their lives and are fated to live like Salman Rushdie until the cancer of radical Islam has been eradicated from this Earth. The message of the cartoon has been repeated by various Western cartoonists. This one, in particular, is a stronger version of the same message.

Number 8 shows a line up of cartoon Muhammeds. Some of the images are from the other cartoons.

Number 9 shows what look like balloons using the symbol of Islam. I don’t know what the caption says.

Number 10 is also prophetic. It shows two mad Arabs in period costume being told by their leader to “Relax folks, it is just a sketch made by a Dane from the South-West Denmark”. Would that they had relaxed. They are madder than hornets and a billion times more dangerous.

Number 11 shows an irate Muhammed with a bomb for a Turban. This cartoon probably helped set off the bomb in the Islamic world precipitated by the exploitation of the cartoons by radical Islamic forces. It, too, is prophetic.

Number 12 shows a goofball, presumably the cartoonist, holding a stick drawing of Mohammed.

These cartoons represent gentle criticsm of Islamic intolerance. By Western standards, they are mild and amusing. They should be judged by Western standards. If they give offense to hypersensitive Muslims, tough. The last thing we need is our leaders apologizing for a few obscure Danes exercising their right to free speech. Bill Clinton, in particular, needs to put a large sock in his mouth. He shouldn’t be saying “None of us are totally free of stereotypes about people of different races, different ethnic groups, and different religions … there was this appalling example in northern Europe, in Denmark … these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam…”. He should be saying, “Grow up, morons”. He seems determined to become the next “Dhimmi” Carter.

As to the Muslims? How can we take seriously people who think Tom and Jerry is a Jewish plot. Unfortunately, we have to take nuclear armed zealots as seriously as a nuclear-armed Hitler.