According to the Daily Telegraph:

Iran’s hardline spiritual leaders have issued an unprecedented new fatwa, or holy order, sanctioning the use of atomic weapons against its enemies.

In yet another sign of Teheran’s stiffening resolve on the nuclear issue, influential Muslim clerics have for the first time questioned the theocracy’s traditional stance that Sharia law forbade the use of nuclear weapons.

Which countries does Iran regard as an enemies and what constitutes a grave offence? Here’s one possible answer that gives no comfort. According to a report in Editor and Publisher:

TEHRAN Iran’s hard-line president on Saturday accused the United States and Europe of being “hostages of Zionism” and said they should pay a heavy price for the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have triggered worldwide protests.

What does the US have to do with a few innocuous portraits of Muhammed published in an obscure newspaper in a minor European country months ago? The Mullahs are truly crazy and they want nuclear weapons. From the same report we read:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is deeply at odds with much of the international community over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, launched an anti-Israeli campaign last fall when he said the Holocaust was a “myth” and that Israeli should be “wiped off the map.”

So, when does Iran’s nuclear weapons constitute an imminent threat to the West? Before or after they use one?